Here is what the parents have to say about employees who voted for the employee of the quarter at Manchester Road Swinton.

“As much as we would like to choose only one of them, the impact that Anna, Jasmine and Emily have on Luke is unbelievable.

They’re always so friendly, and seem genuinely pleased to see myself or Kim, and enjoy seeing Luke too. All three of them show a genuine interest in our lives away from Nursery too, and always give us a detailed breakdown of how Luke is doing and what he’s been up to.

I know they’ve worked really hard with him this term on his words, and eating, and even took onboard a discussion I had with Anna. I had mentioned that Luke tended to only use a fork at home, as he didn’t seem comfortable with a spoon. They gave him a fork, and he has since made great strides with feeding himself.

All in all, Luke couldn’t ask for a better set of girls looking after him, and for us they all deserve a medal for putting up with him all day!

(Anna does deserve an additional medal for her Skydive though).”


“I think I would be in trouble off Niamh if we didn’t vote for Laura Shaw to be employee of the quarter. Laura has been instrumental in settling Niamh in at your nursery. We couldn’t be happier with how Niamh has settled in and that we feel she’s improving each day she is there. There are also many occasions where I get called Laura at home! ?

Leaving Niamh with “strangers” was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do but the fact that Niamh runs up the steps each day knocking on your door and cannot wait to get up to the pre-school room really is testament to the fact that she loves your setting, her new friends and all the staff. We thank Laura particularly as Niamh really has taken a shine to her.

Good luck to all employees!”

Kind regards
Susan Gratrix

Manchester Road Testimonials

“To everyone at Kidzrus, We just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you have done for Harvey over the last 3 years. We couldn’t have wished for a better start for him, and we have loved watching him grow. That has been down to the love, care and support he has received from yourselves at Kidzrus. Thank you. Harvey’s Parents”. 20thJuly 2018.

“To all at Kidzrus, you have helped my Redgie in more ways than you can imagine. I never thought I would see the day when he was so settled in such a happy and fun surrounding. Thank you for everything. Love Redgie’s family” 20th July 2018

“To all at Kidzrus, Thank you for helping me to grow into such a confident, sociable, intelligent, well mannered, cheeky little boy. I will miss you all. Lots of love Ben and family” July 2018

“To Natalie and all the team, thank you for such great care and for helping Eliza to find herself in her new place and with new people. Also a special thank you to Kalina for helping Eliza with her language barrier, and for teaching her to speak and understand in both languages. You are wonderful. Eliza’s mum.” July 2018.

“To Natalie and the team, Thank you for all the love and care you have for our little girl Matilda. She has enjoyed every minute. Keep up the good work. We know she is ready for big school. From Matilda’s parents.” July 2018.

“To all the staff at Kidzrus that have looked after me through the years, Thank you so much for being so nice and teaching me lots of new things. I’ll miss you all very much. Love from Hudson and family” July 2018.

Other testimonials from other parents…