My daughter moved to this nursery from another due to it being close to my place of work.  It was the best decision my partner and I made.  She has been much happier, and capacity for learning and social interaction has improved.  The staff are delightful and the information they pass on to parents is insightful.  The platform they use to keep parents up to date with what is going on at the nursery is very forward thinking as I remember thinking how beneficial it was compared to the previous nursery where I can now see when they feed her/what they feed her, when she has a nap and how long for.  They share development progress and much more.

(Callum Drake – 5 star Google review)

My daughter started here in November when she turned 2 and she has developed so, so much during this time – it’s amazing to see!  All the staff are lovely and her teacher, Deanna is amazing at her job and gives me regular insightful updates on Eva’s progression!  My daughter loves it and I can go to work without worry knowing she’s being looked after by the best!

(Sara Ramsdale – 5 star Google review)

My daughter has attended Kidzrus in Irlam for the last 3 years.  She has loved every second.  She skips to nursery every day.  The staff are so lovely and create a safe and homely environment.  Keep up the good work!  Iris will be sad to leave in August.

(Sarah Wood – 4 star Google review)

My little boy started here just over a year ago when he was 9 months old.  I was so nervous returning to work.  I was initially let down by a child minder a week or two before I was due to start back at work from maternity leave and Kati and her team were absolutely amazing with my little boy and me.  They reassured me that I had made the right decision and helped my little boy settle in.  He’s doing amazing and the team are absolutely fabulous.  Nothing is too much for them.  I would highly recommend them!

(Louise Davies – 5 star Google review)

My son goes to Kidzrus nursery.  Lovely staff, friendly and reliable.  Very pleasant atmosphere.  My son loves it.  Thank you so much to all the staff for looking after our children.  I highly recommend this nursery.

(The AJ Family – 5 star Google review)

My son attended for 1 1/2 years before going to school. He really enjoyed his time here and bonded with his keyworker. Lovely home from home nursery with friendly, knowledgeable staff. Staff take the children out to visit places in the local community and my son still talks about his experiences to this day.

(Tanya Higgi – 5 star Google review)

My son has attended this nursery for 1 year. He is always excited to go in and the staff are lovely and welcoming. He always takes part in lots of exciting activities and brings home a range of pictures. The nursery does lots of extra events that we as parents are asked to join in with.

(Jacob Watling – 5 star Google review)

My son started age 9 months on my return to work which I was really worried about as a new mum but the amount of reassurance and support I received from the staff at the nursery was incredible. I could call and check in when as he settled in and the ParentZone app has been a godsend in knowing what he’s up to during the day especially if he’s a little under the weather or if they’ve completed an activity it always makes my working day so much better. I can’t thank the staff enough now he’s a couple of years on with their advice on things such as sleep and toilet training from their own personal and professional experiences the support is just great in allowing me to feel confident in how I can help my son develop.


Knowing that he’s in a secure, safe, happy environment which always feels like a family setting in a building made to feel like home just makes navigating being a working mum so much easier. My son has learnt so much from being at this nursery and I am certain without the educational approach, encouragement and enthusiasm around learning and development given by the staff he wouldn’t be reaching his milestones so avidly!  The overlap between activities between home and nursery is a great way to work as it helps him feel like it’s a home from home.  It’s safe to say our new son will begin attending in September when I return to work off maternity leave only this time I’ll be even more confident knowing that he’s with some of the most professional and caring people I could ask for to look after both of our children.  Oh…and my son absolutely loves the food!!!!

(Rachel Summer – 5 star Google review)

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