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We recently have had the pleasure of hosting our 2021 Parents Evening here at Kidzrus Monton, we were so excited to welcome our parents into our nursery again and have the important and essential conversations to help support our children. This was particularly special after last year due to restrictions we had to do our appointments via telephone calls.
Here at Kidzrus Monton we have a Key Person System. This is an fantastic opportunity for staff and children to form amazing bonds, this ensures that children feel safe and secure in our nursery environment. The key person is also responsible for tracking the child’s progress and development to enable us to support the child in the best way possible using “In the moment” to plan activities and follow the child’s individual interest in addition to communicating with parents daily on our famly software system.
During our parents evening, parents and the child’s key person were able to meet face to face with refreshments on hand and catch up about their children’s development, interests, support areas and friendships they have made during their time here with us at Kidzrus Monton.
Although we have fantastic bonds with our children in nursery, we love to create meaningful relationships with parents too, building on parent partnership and supporting parents in any way we can is really important to everyone here at Kidzrus. Being able to welcome parents in to talk face to face has really supported this and we really loved this experience, to share ideas and make important connections.
Our parent feedback from the evening has been so lovely to hear and very positive, with many parents feeling excited they could come back into setting and a lot of their worries and concerns over development could be reassured. This is also beneficial to Kidzrus to improve our practise and develop even further. It has been a hard year, and many parents have worried about their child’s development and social skills. They expressed how grateful they all are for our support at this time and the consistency that we give to our children. Parents have confirmed that they find it so much more beneficial to speak to us face to face and have thanked us for the support we have given them during these hard and uncertain times.
Parent partnership is so important to us and something that we really pride ourselves on here at Kidzrus. During our recent Ofsted inspection we had some great feedback with the inspector reporting “Parents comment that throughout the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, staff continued to sustain strong links between the setting and the home through telephone conversations and email. This helped parents to continue children’s learning at home and has lessened the risk of children falling behind. For example, staff provided parents with ideas of activities that they could do with children to continue to enhance children’s large-muscle control and coordination.’’ .
Our parent partnerships have been described as excellent, as she explained. ‘’Partnerships with parents are excellent. Staff provide parents with a wealth of information about their children’s development and the progress that they make. This helps to promote high levels of consistency and continuity of care and of learning for all children. Parents are extremely complimentary about the setting and the staff. They describe staff as ‘amazing’. ‘’
Recently we wanted to connect with parents and promote some positivity and build connections with our parents, we chose to do this is the Summer, outside to abide by the current restrictions. We set up a smoothie station and all participated in some light hearted fun with a Zumba session and a fabulous pamper package for one lucky parent. It was a such a great way to bond with our parents and for parents to have a chance to chat and create friendships with each other.
We look forward to our next parent positivity session, which is going to be with Jess, our amazing Wellbeing Coordinator and Jenny our fantastic Behaviour Management Coordinator. We aim to build more positive relationships with parents and share tips on how they can support their own mental health and well-being.

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