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Kidzrus recognises the important role that high-quality home learning plays in lifelong learning and there is a good reason for this. We believe that what parents do with their children matters… reading a bed time story, baking together, or going for a local walk in nature. Parents play a crucial role in children’s development and it is vital that we develop a strong partnership with parents to work together in ensuring child reaches their full potential. We invite parents to make contributions and share information about their child’s learning and development and using our Famly app regularly share information on your child’s progress and next steps in learning. Following government guidelines, we often invite parents in for workshops or stay and play sessions to ensure our parents feel valued and to develop good relationships with the team.


We actively encourage the all-round development of the child by paying close attention to their emotional and mental well-being as well as their intellectual learning and development. We ensure that this takes place in a safe, secure and stimulating environment through reference to the Early Years Foundation Stage. We have extremely high expectations of all children and by recognising British Values and Culture Capital we encourage them to develop independence throughout their time with us. Our aim is for children to participate in a learning experience that empowers them for their next steps to school and through life.


In planning for children’s needs we ensure that all children are supported in developing at their own pace and encouraged to reach their full potential. Our key carer system enables a planned curriculum tailored to the specific interests and needs of each individual child. Developmentally appropriate play activities and resources alongsid a high level of staff support allows us to offer a play-based curriculum that uses the Early Years Foundation Stage as the guiding principles.

Our curriculum is responsive to individual children and families, and so is easily adaptable – it changes and grows as we meet new children and their families. Children learn best through high quality play and we encourage our children to lead their own learning. – their play helps them to make sense of the world and we make every effort to give them time and space to explore indoors and outdoors, alone and alongside their friends and with the support of key carers around them.


We recognise that the true impact of high quality, outstanding early years education can have massive benefits for children across their lifetime. One of the main indicators for children’s later academic outcomes is the quality of their language and communication skills.

Our staff are totally committed to delivering opportunities for play and learning that are language rich and support children to develop an extensive vocabulary to strengthen children’s educational success, widen their network of social relationships and expanding their cultural horizons.

We encourage our children to actively build their social life through the friendships they make with people from diverse backgrounds and their involvement in the local community. They are offered a varied approach to learning which includes a rich language and literacy approach, as well as through trips to art galleries, parks, libraries and engaging with other cultural venues and experiences to expand all children’s cultural capital, irrespective of their background or home experiences.

Key Persons

Supporting the children’s well-being and involvement is of paramount importance to us at Kidzrus and we use the Key Person system which allows the children to interact with us (and us with them) with confidence. The Key Person allows us to build strong bonds with children which will allow them to become confident and independent learners. Once our children have developed these secure relationships their qualified and experienced Key Person will work closely with your child and use a variety of teaching techniques such as encouraging, modelling language, providing resources, demonstrating a skill, exploring ideas, making links to prior learning etc. They encourage children to lead their own learning whilst supporting children by having planned next steps for each individual child’s learning. These developmental targets and next steps are implemented sensitively by combining opportunities for play and planned activities and experiences with children. This allows them to develop these skills and next steps that are appropriate to their learning needs.

The Environment

At Kidzrus we firmly believe that the environment as the third teacher and we provide age appropriate spaces and numerous opportunities for children to explore, experiment, develop their ideas, and test their theories. Our setting managers ensure that the base room environment is richly resourced, with materials creatively arranged, and designed to provoke and inspire research, wonder and inquiry.  Our continuous provision areas are well thought out to readily engage the children’s attention and the team takes time to consider what enhancements ​they may offer the child, which will support and challenge them in the development of their thoughts, ideas and theories.