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Kidzrus is dedicated to promoting positive mental and physical health and wellbeing of our children, their families and our colleagues.

Colleagues in each setting have recently undertaken NHS England “Oral Health Training for Early Years Practitioners” so that they can ensure healthy eating policies are in place which support oral health messages, support those evidence based oral health messages within their educational practice and deliver key oral messages to children and their families attending their education setting.  In short, the training extends our current practice.

Kidzrus actively encourages a strong tooth brushing routine within the settings and we are also able to provide Parent Packs that contain a toothbrush, toothpaste, a brushing diary and top tips for tooth brushing at home.  Please speak to your nursery manager to obtain your pack.

In addition to regular tooth brushing after meals in the nursery our colleagues work closely with the children to get the “tooth kind” message across by reading books and completing activities using large scale sets of teeth and tooth brushes.  Our Pre-School Committee members will be meeting to discuss the importance of brushing teeth at nursery and at home as well as what foods are good for our teeth and what foods are bad for them.  They will then be sharing this information with their friends in the Toddler Rooms.

We also encourage “Going to the Dentist” role play and have real life and positive conversations about what to expect when they pay a visit so that the children are aware, confident and not frightened.

We want to ensure that our children have a strong tooth brushing routine, maintain good oral health and when the time comes, that they build a positive relationship with their dentist and hygienist.