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Today we have been celebrating National Firefighters Day! This is such an important day to our children to raise awareness of fire and the emergency services, but also as fire fighters and fire engines are such a great interest to our children at the moment! This day was a great way to learn very important knowledge but through our children’s interests and play. 

So many of our children came into nursery dressed up as fight fighters which they loved! They were so happy and we loved to see them so involved in this special day. 

At group time the children enjoyed talking about the firefighters and we linked this to our own emotions. We all decided that the firefighters are very ‘Brave’, this is a emotion that we all said we have felt when in nursery and at home, and we loved reading our ‘Brave’ book. We read in our book that when we spill a drink or fall over, we can just be brave and use our words and someone will always help us. We spoke about the butterflies we can get in our tummies sometimes, but if we are brave, they can go away.

The toddlers loved to use the puppets at the tuff tray to pretend to put out fires, we spoke about the different colours in a fire and how the fire is dangerous, but firefighters are always there to help us, if we call the special number 999. We spoke about how the firefighters might wear a special mask and a hat, and this is there to help them to save us and make us safe! The toddlers were so engaged in this conversation and loved that they had a special safety hat like the firefighters. 

Finally, Olivia sounded the alarm to practise what we would do in a fire. We loved hearing the alarm and this was great practise for us all! We all know that the alarm is just there to help us and nothing to be scared of! We were very brave, just like the firefighters! Well done Kidzrus Monton!

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