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Kidzrus Private Day Nursery at Monton offers a fabulous childcare facility to parents/carers looking for a safe, secure and fun environment for their children. Whilst the nursery accommodates up to 63 children of various ages our single storey, open plan rooms offer a home from home environment helping children to feel safe and secure.

Kidzrus Monton is located on Monton Road on Monton Village Green. It’s roads and bus routes serve Worsley, Media City, Eccles, Salford and Manchester centres.

Our nursery is split into 4 rooms, with each room devoted to caring for a specific age range. We’ve designed our nursery so that children move between rooms when they are ready, not based on what their age is.

Our days are not rigidly structured, but all rooms try to keep to a routine that the children can recognise and anticipate. A familiar routine helps to ensure that your child is happy and secure.

The Baby Room – We have a dedicated baby room for children aged 0-12 months allowing for more personal care and attention. Staff nurture children’s natural curiosity and support development such as learning to feed themselves, learning to crawl or walk and learning to explore the world around them. We encourage our babies to explore the world around them and have a vast range of resources that enable them as unique children to develop and gain skills and develop their senses through play.

We follow individual sleep and feeding patterns to maintain consistency with home life and to foster a feeling of security.

The Tots Room – The Tots room caters for children aged 12 to 24 months and offers those little ones who are moving around a larger play space and develop physically. During this vital stage children develop and change so quickly that it is important that all their needs and interests are met. Children are encouraged to make their own choices and are able to freely access a wide range of resources – from role play and home corner areas to small world and construction; allowing children to be creative and use their own imaginations.

This room has its own bathroom so when your child is showing signs of wanting to use the toilet, we can work closely with you and support this

The Toddler Room – Tots quickly transform into toddlers and this room caters for children aged 24 to 36 months. Our dedicated early years practitioners are on hand to offer a wide variety of play and learning activities building on children’s natural desire to make relationships, explore and discover. We encourage their developing social awareness, and help their growing self-esteem, self-confidence and independence. This room is equipped with toys and resources that are age and stage specific to both challenge and enhance each individual child’s interests.

We actively promote physical development opportunity, for example by jumping, climbing, running indoors and outdoors with safe supervision.

The Pre-School Room –  Pre School caters for aged 3 and over and is where they gradually begin their preparation for school. Here children are encouraged to explore technology and are introduced to phonics and additional maths activities. We encourage children’s independence and encourage them to make choices.

When the time does come for the children to continue their education journey in primary school, we are here to provide as much support as needed and liaise with local schools to ensure a smooth transition for all. Pre-School allows children to learn individually and develop their skills, knowledge and understanding in the vital key areas of learning; Personal, social and emotional development, Communication, language and literacy, Knowledge and understanding the of world around us, Problem solving, including solving, reasoning and numeracy as well as Physical and Creative development.

Outdoor Areas – Whatever your child’s age, our outdoor play areas are a vital resource in supporting each child’s fast growing physical abilities. We encourage them to challenge their skills while providing them with a sense of freedom and opportunities to be at one with nature, essential elements for early childhood.

Safeguarding all of our children is paramount and for their safety and security, CCTV is installed in each area including the outdoor areas.

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Monton- Managers Welcome 

My Name is Olivia Young and I am delighted to be part of the team here at Kidzrus Monton. I have a Batchelor of Arts Degree with Honours in Early Years Leadership and have more than nine years experience in early years practice and management.

When not working I enjoy spending time at my family caravan on Anglesey, Wales and especially like sailing.

I understand how rewarding but also how difficult the role of a parent can be especially that of a working parent. We all want our children to be happy and well cared for and provide them with the best learning opportunities. I can assure you that I along with the dedicated staff team is committed to improving children’s outcomes and providing a home from home environment for your child.

Olivia Young  


Olivia Young

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Olivia Young – Acting Manager

Olivia Young


Abbie Lewis – Deputy Manager

Olivia Young


Jennifer Lowe – Senior Lead Practitioner

Baby Team

Olivia Young


Frances Campbell – Nursery Practitioner

Tots Team

Olivia Young


Samantha Watson – Nursery Practitioner

Olivia Young


Lucy Peters – Nursery Practitioner



Chelsea – Nursery Practitioner


Olivia Young


Abbie Lewis – Senior Lead Practitioner/ Toddler room leader

Olivia Young


Chantel Wright -Nursery Practitioner

Olivia Young


Jessica Page- Nursery Practitioner

Preschool Team

Olivia Young

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Alicia Wainhouse- Nursery Practitioner

Olivia Young


Abbie Harrington – Nursery Practitioner

Olivia Young


Jennifer Lowe – Deputy Manager/ Preschool Room Leader

Relief Team

Olivia Young


Vanessa Oakley- Nursery Practitioner

Maternity Leave

Olivia Young

Jodie Lancaster

Jodie Lancaster- Nursery Practitioner

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