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At Kidzrus we recognise the efforts and achievements of our colleagues, for the work that they do with our children, their parents and families and each other, with the input of health care professional and other third parties.

On an annual basis our staff teams gather together to celebrate and reward the achievement and success of individual colleagues, rooms and settings. We also have incentive events for individual and base rooms an a Quarterly basis in each nursery.

These aren’t the only times we reflect and consider good practice. Our Senior Leadership Team regularly meet informally and formally to discuss how me can implement continuous improvement and development in our Quality Improvement Plan. This is then cascaded down to colleagues in each setting at staff meetings and training sessions. After all, there is always room for improvement as new learning concepts are introduced and local and national legislation and guidelines are introduced or amended.

The strong physical and mental health and wellbeing of our children, their families and our colleagues is of paramount importance and we have trained and appointed two Mental Health First Aid Champions, Anna and Laura. They are available to consult one a confidential, one to one basis.

Colleagues maintain health and fitness, foster close friendships and raise money for a worthy cause by participating in the annual Cancer Research Tough Mudder Race; after which they wind down with a cool drink!

Kidzrus works closely with our cohort children to teach them to be active and participatory citizens in of our local and wider communities in modern day Britain, and our curriculum incorporates British Values and Culture Capital. They participate in a diverse range of activities; examples being tidy up walks to collect and recycle waste in the local area, delivering kindness and gratitude parcels to first responders including Paramedics, hospital front line workers, fire fighters and police personnel to recognise and reward their efforts in keeping us safe and healthy. Our children also pay their respects by laying a wreath on an annual basis to the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing and also participate in money raising evens for that fund.

Our children also visit local residential care homes for the elderly and participate in enrichment activities such as singing and dancing, keep fit, reading with them and even having a drink and a chat. This helps with their personal, social and emotional development as well as giving them an opportunity to foster relationships with senior members of the community.

We cannot Bee Together without the special partnerships that we build with our parents and significant family members. We communicate on a daily basis to meet our children’s needs at pick up and drop off times as, via Famly, Facebook, Instagram and by telephone and Zoom calls. We also hold regular Parents Evenings to provide a more detailed update on individual children’s progress, the interventions that we have in place and targets for their development in all key areas of learning over the next term.

Kidzrus holds regular parent sessions to offer support and guidance as well as the latest information on topics such as healthy eating, wellbeing, exercise and fitness, toilet training, weaning, promoting positive behaviour, storytelling and transitions to school.

It is obvious that our children will not have a positive learning experience and achieve their potential without a strong relationship between the nursery and their parents. We have an open door policy and actively encourage participation in their children’s learning journeys by coming into nursery to read stories, bake, do keep fit and play football as well as celebrate significant faith and cultural events.

There is no I in TEAM – we are only successful by being together. We look forward to fostering close friendships and partnerships with our parents and families. Keep an eye out in For Parents on our Events page to see what is coming next.