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At Kidzrus we promote physical development and our children and colleagues enjoy keeping active. We have extensive indoor and outdoor facilities at each setting and practitioners arrange daily age and stage appropriate activities to encourage our children to be active… everything from wake and shake sessions in the morning, yoga and keep fit to obstacle courses and climbing in the garden.

Young children need regular physical activity—that is both vigorous and active so that they develop and grow properly. Active play strengthens young bones, muscles and the brain and establishes the important connections between all of them. A physically active lifestyle is vital for life-long health and physical and emotional wellbeing.

Physical activities promote healthy growth and development. Being physically active helps build a healthier body composition alongside stronger bones and muscles. It also improves the child’s cardiovascular fitness and physical activities help in the development of better motor skills and in concentration and thinking skills.

Kidzrus provides activities that develop stability, examples being stop and start games such as statues; games such as being rabbits or snakes so that children balance their weight on different parts of the body. We plan activities that encourage locomotor skills – such as galloping, running, climbing, cycling, hopping, skipping.

Regular physical activity helps develop your child’s fundamental movement skills (i.e. physical literacy). In addition to helping maintain a healthy body weight, physical activity can help build healthy bones, muscles, heart and lungs. Physical activity also helps your child keep a healthy body weight.