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KidzrusNursery Group takes great pride in the continued professional development of our colleagues as this helps us to improve our day-to-day practice and the learning experiences of our cohort children.
Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic guidelines we have been unable to complete a full programme of continued training and development for colleagues within the Kidzrus Group. Although we have completed numerous internal training sessions online, we have been limited in providing group training sessions.
To enable us to become familiar with new concepts, guidelines and developments in practice colleagues from all settings participated in a full day of training sessions at Swinton Masonic Hall on Monday, 6 September. A great opportunity to come together, share knowledge and experiences, reflect and embrace the revised EYFS.
After refreshments were served the day began with a welcome Kidzrus Nursery Director, Nicola Fleury who gave a detailed account of the journey so far from humble beginnings to a group of five quality childcare settings. Nicola started her childcare career as a childminder in 2006 with a vision to own a group of nurseries in Salford providing high quality childcare in a homely, welcoming and nurturing environment where children can learn and strive to become independent and confident children and where parents partnerships are key. The welcome was motivational with the clear message that you can be anything you want to be with hard work, determination, desire and a vision for the future with a never give up attitude.
Colleagues were then able to get to know each other from all settings with a fun icebreaker introduced by the manager of our Irlam setting, Kati Osborne before we moved on to more serious topics.
Gemma Fletcher, Area Manager and Natalie Jones, Swinton Forest School and Nursery Manager updated colleagues on best practice in child protection and safeguarding, clearly outlining the different types of abuse, the symptoms and how to report them and more importantly who to report them to. Colleagues were given an opportunity to review and discuss a series of high profile cases and possible scenarios as well as factors that may affect us in modern day society.
We enjoyed a lovely buffet lunch freshly prepared by our nursery cooks – the perfect way to recharge our batteries after an intense mornings training.
After lunch Darren Matthews, Quality Manager for Teaching, Learning and Staff Development made our teams aware of the progress we have made in response to the revised Early Years Foundation Stage that came into effect on 1, September 2021.  The changes are a long time coming and are extremely welcome to all involved in educating our early years children, and we are sure that you will notice them over the coming weeks in how we communicate with you, what is communicated and how we record and monitor your child’s progress.
Basically, the new EYFS cuts out a lot of the red tape and administration that we were previously tied up in and frees those working with your children to spend more time with them.  They’ll be delivering a wide range of exciting and innovative activities that excite and inspire children, that let their imaginations run wild and enjoy learning through play; but still with the lots of opportunity for paired and group activities. In essence less paperwork and more fun time with our children.
We are extremely pleased to have the 2021 NMT Overall Rising Star Olivia Young as Manager at our Monton setting and alongside Kati Osborne, Irlam Manager and Debbie Moss, Manager at The Lodge they delivered a really informative session about Promoting Positive Behaviour.
As qualified and experienced practitioners we are aware of what is desirable and challenging behaviour, and this session allowed us to consider a number of strategies to reinforce and reward desirable and positive behaviour whilst working together with families by using a number of strategies to reduce displays of challenging behaviour.  We discussed a number of challenging case studies and how to obtain the support required including working with parents and other agencies.
At Kidzrus we work together to ensure that our children behave appropriately, enjoy play and learning experiences and make progress so that they achieve their potential. After all, our mission statement is that we offer “Every Child – Every Chance”
All staff completed feedback sheets in order to improve our internal training as this will form part of each staff members ongoing professional development. Kidzrus Nursery Group first staff training day was a great success and we intend to use this experience as a benchmark for future events as staff training is key to the ongoing development within the group for the well being of children, Staff and parents.
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