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As part of world environment day (06.06.2021) Kidzrus Monton have pushed their Eco drive during the whole week!
Throughout the week some of our older children went out and about around Monton to do some litter picking. We talked about where we should put our rubbish and how to dispose of it properly. When we came back to nursery we looked at some different types of rubbish we might see lots of at home, Jenny our Pre School Room Leader along Frances our Eco Champion talked about how we can recycle most of these types of rubbish. Elizabeth from preschool told us she has lots of bins at her house and mummy and daddy sort their rubbish into them after tea! Tommy also suggested that the rubbish might make the animals poorly if they ate it as this isn’t the proper food for them.
We also had lots of recycling tuff trays and games, practicing sorting the rubbish into groups and talking about how somethings can be reused at home rather than being thrown away or recycled. Toddlers are always using different types of rubbish and turning it into something fun, for example we shredded up lots of old paper and made a tuff tray, which the children loved filling into containers to practise our fine motor skills. We also used lots of empty cartons, boxes and bottles in our toddler kitchen to help with our understanding of the world and imagination skills!
Monton Community Village Association spend a lot of time caring for and enhancing our local environment, and as apart of this they often organise local litter picks at weekends. The most recent one happened to be on World Environment Day, we invited our staff team, parents and children to join us in Monton yesterday (Sunday) and were received with a fabulous turn out!
Along with the staff team, lots of parents, children and even grandparents came out to do their bit for our local environment. The children loved the responsibility of picking up the different types of rubbish, asking questions to the variety of adults and really taking some ownership over the space in which they will be growing up. Ben enjoyed his litter pick that much his mum is going to buy him a picker so he can continue doing it when out and about walking or at the park! What a lovely idea as Ben is really taking responsibility and showing how much he cares for our environment.
We really hope by doing lots of small regular activities around recycling and caring for our environment we can embed this into our children to be continued as they grow up to become responsible adults.

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