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Thursday 28th January 2021.


Today we held our very first virtual coffee morning, myself and Julia were ready and raring to go, armed with a nice cup of coffee each, a big smile and lots to chat about.


We had a great response from our Kidzrus families and were joined by 3 lovely mummies, a grandmother and lots of stories and giggles.

We discussed lockdown and how it has affected us all differently, how nursery life has been impacted and how we are all juggling working from home whilst having children and also adjusting to the new way of nursery life.

Our main topic of discussion was our amazing Famly app.  All involved had great things to say and couldn’t praise the app enough for how it has kept us all connected this past year.

Parents, carers and grandparents especially like how nursery life is documented and how they can see their child’s day is going whilst working from home or being far away.  During lockdown Kidzrus were still very much active on Famly, supporting parents and carers and the wider community by simply staying in touch with our amazing children.


We had a lovely grandparent involved in our chat, Our beautiful baby Riley’s nana Lelia, she told us how lucky she feels to be able to stay connected and be involved in our nursery life via the Famly app, seeing how well Riley eats at nursery with our “impressive menu” and feeling very much a part of his life still whilst not living close by.


We were also joined by a new parent Jackie whose son Rafael has only been with us for one week. She described how the transition from home life with her and dad to a brand new nursery has been great and had lots of positive feedback!  She praised our pre school staff who have made his transition as smooth as possible and welcomed their family into our Kidzrus family with open arms.


We spoke about what we all got up to during lockdown and how us as staff felt during this time.  Myself and Julia both told our lockdown stories, involving lots and walks, zoom family time and a very small paddling pool! (you’ll have to join our next coffee morning to find this one out!)


“It was really lovely to catch up and to meet some other parents/grandparents. It would be great if this could be a regular catch up and thanks again for all your continued hard work in looking after our little ones. You really do a great job and the individual relationships you build with the children really does make KidzRus stand out. Look forward to the next coffee morning :) Lisa & Rhonda” 


We also discussed our lows of lockdown, and how we overcame them. Our gorgeous tot Willow’s mummies Rhonda and Lisa joined us and discussed how for the first 3 months of lockdown Willow didn’t visit her amazing daddies Carl and Simon due to them still attending work throughout.  But thanks to face time were able to stay in constant contact, and when they finally met it was like had never been away!  We all agreed how amazing technology is now and how lucky we are to have access to it. Riley’s nana told us how when she was a little girl, she would have to phone her family once a week from a telephone box down the road, and now it’s so amazing how she can video chat her children and grandbaby Riley, and be involved in bed time whilst being at her own house!


“Absolutely fantastic idea! Julia & Courtney did a great job facilitating.Lovely way to get to know all the parents. ❤️🌈”


From our chat today we were able to identify how important keeping in contact with our families and most importantly everybody is during this past year.

“The more I think about the role as a Nursery teacher! The more I am grateful to you all. As parents we leave our little ones in the hands of you all as we go to work. You are the unsung heroes in my heart ❤️ and eyes 👀 🌈 xxx”


We would like to thank Rhonda, Lisa, Lelia and Jackie for joining us today for sharing experiences, memories, the highs and lows of the past year and most importantly keeping in touch during the current circumstances.  We are so lucky to have such amazing parents, carers and family members around us and hope to do this again soon!

We really appreciate and value your time and love.


Team Kidzrus! 💚🌈❤️👩🏾‍🤝‍👩🏼👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏿👫

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