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As you all know I have been appointed the kidzrus Lead eco champion and I am delighted to receive this title. Knowing about the change in climate and the terrible effects it is having on the environment dose upset me and so educating myself and becoming a supporter of protecting the environment is something that I am passionate about. After talking to staff around our nurseries it was clear that there is little to no awareness around climate change and within this nursery group, we needed to take steps in becoming greener, and more aware. I have been given this opportunity to help spread some awareness and educate children, and staff, about the environment and what we can do to help, I am grateful to be given this platform to help people understand what is happening on our planet.

“This is now our planet, run by humankind for the humankind, there is nothing left for the rest of the living world” (Sir David Attenborough, a life on our planet).

The world is full of many wonderful things, wonderful animals, interesting plants and trees, and even better people. However, full is the key word. The world is overpopulated and while this is amazing for building relationships and support networks, it ultimately means environment suffers. Due to a human life full of convenience, manufacturing, and taking, the planet simply can-not support that amount of consumption. Therefore, we are taking more then what was originally provided for us. However, there are things that we can do as living beings to help protect what is left, one example is recycling. I will be releasing more information about climate change and what we can do to help in the near future.

At Kidzrus we have made a wonderful start in becoming greener, as you know there are or going to be recycling tubs in the kitchen or staffroom for the staff to recycle bottles, tins, glass jars, so we can start to make a difference together. Additionally, you may have noticed light switch and water signs around your nursery, encouraging you to turn them off when not in use. I would appreciate it if you could just switch that light or tap off, it saves so much water and energy.


All pre-school children have also made a start in becoming greener and learning about recycling and across all of our nurseries we have been teaching children and planning activities for the children around recycling and climate change. There will be many more activities on the way for our children to take part it that will help them to understand climate change and start a conversation. Is it so key and vital now to educate our children as they are our future leaders, and researchers. Teaching children about climate change now may encourage them to insert this knowledge I their future and help the planet thrive and survive.

If one person reads this and it makes a difference to their concept of climate change, I will be happy, if one person starts to recycle, I will be happy, but let’s start here. Its ok not to know or understand what I am talking about, I will help to spread that awareness. Let’s start conversation and do what we can, together and individually to help save our planet. If you get a chance, I encourage you to watch:

A life on our planet. Sir David Attenborough. On Netflix.

He can explain climate change much better than me. But for now, thank you to all who have taken the time to read this, I really do appreciate it.

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