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Did you know that over 51% of children within the Salford region have some level of tooth decay?

At Kidzrus we are focusing on our oral health and ensuring our children develop healthy tooth brushing habits from an early age! We frequently enjoy visits from Dental Play box within the group and recently at our Irlam nursery, the visit has sparked a huge interest with our children. The session was very interactive for our group of Toddler 2 and Preschoolers and everyone loved taking part; we were shown how to brush our teeth properly, we discussed “tooth friendly foods” and even engaged in some dentist role play!

Since Dental Play box came to visit us we have enjoyed engaging in a variety of other activities relating to oral hygiene, including themed activities within our rooms and even a dental workshop for our children to join in with! Along with this, we are taking part in tooth brushing daily with all children over 2 years.

At Kidzrus we recognise the importance of adult support when it comes to children’s oral health so we would love to educate our parents too!


10 facts you should know

  • Babies should visit the dentist before their first birthday
  • Children should not be rinsing their mouths after brushing, the fluoride content helps protect from decay!
  • Your childs toothpaste should contain at least 1350ppm fluoride, check the tube before you buy!
  • Children should be supported with their tooth brushing until at least 7 years old!
  • For children under 2, only a smear of toothpaste is needed. For those older than 2, we should be using a pea sized amount.
  • You can ask your dentist about fluoride varnish to help protect your childs teeth!
  • We should all spend around 2 minutes, twice a day brushing our teeth
  • Baby teeth are delicate and should be brushed using soft bristles
  • Do not allow your child to drink anything but water from a bottle, this rule is especially important over night!
  • Most dental injuries for children occur when the child is at home, playing in close proximity to home furniture; keep this in mind when leaving your little ones unattended!

For any further information or support with your child’s dental hygiene please feel free to speak to your nursery manager or go to


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