Food and nutrition

Our seasonally planned nursery menus are designed to ensure your children receive a healthy balance of the advised food groups throughout the day.  We ensure your child has a balance of different foods to help them lead a healthy life, both now and in the future. We have a nursery cook in each setting who provides nutritious and delicious meals each day for your child. The Cooks meet regularly throughout the year to review the menus, introducing seasonal vegetables and new recipes from local sources with frequent celebrations for a cultural festival or special occasion.

Details of parental and children’s preferences and dietary requirements are kept up to date and all staff members are aware of these. The 4 weekly menu is displayed in the entrance of all sites, informing our parents what your children have eaten that day. Children are taught basic hygiene daily and they are asked to wash their hands before and after meals, likewise for baking activities.

Our staff plan baking or cooking activities for the children to participate in, helping them become familiar with preparing food and age and stage appropriate discussions also take place about foods and where certain foods come from.

The children sit together in small groups with colleagues who promote good table manners and encourage the children to eat their meals. The Key Person knows the children’s likes and dislikes and will be aware of this when helping the children serve themselves their meal. By teaching children about healthy foods and encouraging young children to enjoy a healthy, balanced diet we aim to reduce illness and infection.