General Data Protection Regulation

As a nursery group, Kidzrus gathers information and data based on the children in our care. This notice and supporting documents will explain why The Kidzrus Group collects information, how the data is used, the type of information collected and our lawful reasons to using the data.

The Kidzrus Group must ensure that information we collect and use about children is corresponding to the GDPR and Data Protection Act. This means that Kidzrus Nursery must have a lawful reason to collect the data, and if we do share any data with another organisation or individual we must have a legal basis for sharing the data.

Our company Data Protection policy has been reviewed to keep all our parents informed of any new changes.

More information about Data Protection and Our Policies

How we manage data and our responsibilities to look after and share data is explained in our Data Protection Policy. Should you feel that data about your child is not accurate, or no longer required please contact our Nursery Manager.