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Kidzrus are pleased to join an exciting new programme for children not yet able to go out on a farm visit; called Farm in a Box – these great new resources bring the farm to our children in our settings.

The Farm in a Box principles are to learn with strong curriculum links and irresistible learning, to grow via hands on, collaborative and sensory education and to thrive -with opportunities for every child to succeed.  These principles very much link in with our own ethos and values at Kidzrus; to give every child every chance.

The overall aims of Farm in a Box are to provide high-quality farm-centred, hands-on, sensory learning experiences for our children between 3 and 5 years old, provide experiences that enable our children to discover the diverse world of food and farming and empower them to be confident and curious to interact with the land that sustains us and the people who help us.

The Farm in a Box experience, expertly tailored to our children’s needs and age and stage of development, has been designed to be delivered at our nurseries, primarily in an outside space, by our Practitioners.

Boxes are themed according to the farms available for visits in our area and include sensory bags filled with “real” farm items – straw, hay, wool, feathers etc,  a Noisy Farm book , food to taste , farm shop role play and farm small world resources as well as letters from farmers. Each Farm in a Box is accompanied by a short film, personalised for each of our settings, in which the farmer welcomes our children and takes them on a virtual tour of his/her farm.  The Farm in a Box experience sometimes incorporates live conversation with the farmer on the day too – really enjoyable and exciting for both our children and the farmer!

The box of goodies itself arrived at our nursery in good time for the Farm in a Box Day and is filled with exciting resources – including farm produce, seeds or equipment – and a stash of activity cards and challenges that will enable children to make vital connections between their lives, their food, their natural surroundings and farming.

The inspirational and innovative Farm in a Box activities include investigations and challenges focused on a specific aspect of farming, depending on the interests and needs of our children at each setting and have been chosen by our Practitioners with support from their Country Trust Coordinator.

We can use these great resources to support topics as diverse as Harvest Festival and Ancient Grains of Mesopotamia!  The activities are designed to help the children to get outside (even if that’s standing on their doorstep or opening a window) to see and hear their environment through new eyes and in minute detail, make the connection between food and farming and help the children understand how their lives are intimately linked to those of the farmers and to understand a little bit of what farming involves.

We are forging great links with the Country Trust and their Coordinator will arrange a live video call with our farmer either at the beginning or end of the day enabling the children to put their questions directly to the farmer. How great is that?!

Farm in a Box has been designed in consultation with teachers to reflect current priorities. Every activity is curriculum linked but language, communication and well-being are woven throughout every Farm in a Box Day, to ensure the experience helps our children increase their understanding of the world of food and farming but also their confidence, self-esteem and promotes successful interactions with their peers.

Every box is based on a real working farm. Our plan is to extend the range of resources available to our children as the seasons change and life on the farm evolves and to make our children aware of the cycles of life for fruit and vegetables as well as the animals that live on the farm.  Going forwards we hope that our children will be able to visit their Farm in a Box farm as soon as they are able.

We would like to thank the Country Trust for these fantastic Farm in a Box resources and activities – the boxes really were filled to the brim.  Their support isn’t limited to these resources, they also have recipes and useful links to other resources and activities  on their website We feel sure that our children are going to have really great learning experiences that will empower them for life in understanding about food and benefiting from a healthy and positive relationship.

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