What should I bring to nursery for my child?

We ask parents to bring a change of clothes (Labeled with your Childs’s name inside) for all children should they need to be changed.
For our babies, bottles containing the correct amount of cooled boiled water and the powder for milk measured out in a powder dispenser. Breast milk to be provided in sterilised containers which can be stored in the fridge or freezer.
A pack of nappies, wipes and any nappy creams you may use which we store in the child’s nappy box, we will let you know if we need anymore.
Any comforters your child may need.
If your child is potty training, additional underwear should be provided.

Is the food cooked freshly on a daily basis?

Our nursery chef prepares all the food on the nursery premises and uses all fresh ingredients.
Children are offered a choice of fresh fruit daily which is delivered to us by a small local business which provides only organically grown fresh fruit and vegetables.

What time are our mealtimes?

Breakfast 8.00 – 9.30 a choice of cereals and toast
Lunch 11.00 – 11.30 A hot meal and Pudding
1.30pm Warm milk and biscuits
Afternoon snacks 3.00pm. A light meal such as mixed sandwiches, breadsticks, dips and fresh fruit platter
Milk and fresh drinking water is on offer throughout the day.
We offer a vegetarian option daily

Where do the children eat their meals?

Children sit together in their rooms at mealtimes. Our staff will encourage the children to self-serve and this is a very sociable time of the day where the staff will sit with the children and encourage social skills modeling good table manners.

What happens if my baby is not yet weaned when they start nursery?

At Kidzrus we will work with you to discuss weaning stages and we would follow your routine from home as you introduce new foods to your child.

My child has never attended a nursery before, can they do more visits if required?

We recommend at least 2 visits for all children and where possible suggest this is done as close as possible to your child starting with us to ensure a smooth transition.

My child has a set routine at home, how will this fit into nursery life?

When children start at nursery we will follow their routines to ensure there is a smooth transition from home life to nursery. We work with parents/carers to ensure continuity.

Do you have connections and relationships with surrounding schools?

We work in partnership with other childcare providers and local schools to ensure a smooth transition from nursery to school; we invite teachers in to nursery to meet the children where they will gain knowledge of their development and by doing this the children are gaining a familiarity with them. We also take the children on short outings to the local schools. We take photos of the buildings to display, once again this all helps towards a smoother transition into school.

My child has special educational needs can they still attend Kidzrus?

Yes, we are a fully inclusive nursery and will adapt our care to the individual needs of each child who attends Kidzrus. We have an appointed Special Educational Needs Officer (SENCO) who works closely with other outside agencies such as speech and language therapists, physiotherapists and Area SENCO’S this enables us to provide the appropriate care for each individual child.

Do the children go on outings?

Yes we go out on short walks to the local parks, we have trips to the local restaurants for lunch and take part cultural celebrations, we visit the library and we also have an annual trip each year as a treat for our Pre School children before they leave us. This year we went to Chester Zoo!

How often will my child go outside to play?

We go outside in all-weather at regular intervals; we provide outdoor waterproofs so that the children can enjoy splashing about in puddles and dancing in the rain! We just ask you to provide the wellies!