Starting Nursery

How can I organise a place, for my child, at Kidzrus?

Kidzrus have an “open door” policy so that parents/carers can visit our nursery settings, at any time, to have a look around.  Alternatively, you can contact your preferred Nursery Setting Manager by telephone or email.

My child has never attended a nursery before, do you provide settling-in visits?

Your Nursery Manager will be happy to arrange ‘settling-in’ sessions prior to your child’s start date.

What do I need to bring to nursery for my child?

This will depend on your child’s age and their individual needs.  Your Child’s allocated Key Person will discuss all relevant requirements during the ‘settling-in’ sessions.

What are the nursery timetables/opening hours?

]This can vary depending on your chosen Nursery Setting.  Please contact the Nursery Manager direct to confirm their specific details.

What happens if I am delayed collecting my child?

Sometimes parents are unavoidably delayed.  Please inform the Nursery Manager <strong>as soon as possible</strong> to avoid unnecessary concerns or late fee charges.

Staffing, Safety And Security

Are all staff qualified?

All Kidzrus staff have, at least, a Level 3 Childcare Qualification or they are working towards this qualification.

Are staff First Aid trained?

At Kidzrus, it is a business requirement that all staff are Paediatric First Aid trained.  All Kidzrus staff undertake Paediatric First Aid training during their Induction period.

Have all staff got a DBS or police check?

All Kidzrus staff undergo the relevant DBS checks in-line with our rigid Safer Recruitment policies and procedures.

Is there continuity of staff who look after children in each room?

Each child is allocated with their own Key Person.

What are staff to child ratios at Kidzrus?

The ratios, as outlined by EYSF: Early Years Foundation Stage, are; 0-2 years: 1 adult :3 children – 2-3 years: 1:4  and over 3 years: 1:8 (1:13 with an EYP or teacher).

How safe and secure are your nurseries?

All of our nursery settings have CCTV installed both indoors and in the outdoor play areas.

Routines And Sleep Time

My child has a set routine at home, can this fit into the nursery schedule?

Our staff will ensure that any special home routines are followed to ensure a smooth transition from home life to nursery setting routines.  Kidzrus work in close partnership with parents/carers to ensure continuity and smooth transitions.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

At Kidzrus, our children have sleep mats and a labelled bag with their own bedding.  For our younger babies, cots are available.

Nursery Setting Care And Education

How will my child’s progress be tracked throughout nursery?

The key person will carry out observations and assessments, in terms of your child’s learning and development.  Parents will be provided with a secure password to enable them to access their child’s on-line Learning Journal.

My child has special educational needs, can they still attend Kidzrus?

Kidzrus are a fully inclusive nursery.  Each Nursery Setting has an appointed Special Educational Needs Co-ordinating Officer (SENCO).

Do you have connections and relationships with local schools in the area?

We work in partnership with our local schools in order to ensure a smooth transition from nursery to school.

When will I be invited to a parents evening?

Kidzrus hold 2 Parents Evenings each year and this will be arranged with the Nursery Manager and the Key Person at your nursery setting.

How often do OFSTED inspect the nurseries?

New Nursery Settings are inspected within 30 months of opening.  Our Ofsted Reports are always available, and on display, for you to review at any time.

Outings, Trips And Activities

Do the children go on outings?

Each Kidzrus nursery setting organise regular short walks, and outings, to local children parks or gardens.  Visits to various local amenities are also organised for example; the local library, nearby care homes and even the shops.

How often will my child go outside to play?

We go outside in ‘all-weather’ and at regular intervals, each of our nursery settings has ample outdoor space and special facilities.

Dietary Needs And Weaning:

Do you cater for special dietary needs?

Kidzrus work in close partnership with parents/carers to accommodate each individual child’s needs, including any special dietary requirements.

What happens if my baby is not yet weaned when they start nursery?

Kidzrus work closely with parents/carers to discuss weaning stages and follow home routines, as new foods are introduced to your child.

Nursery Fees:

Do you offer funded places for 2, 3 and 4 year olds?

Kidzrus offer funded childcare places for some eligible 2 year olds and all 3-4 year olds who are eligible for 15 hours or 30 hours funded childcare places.

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

Kidzrus are registered with most childcare voucher companies for those parents/carers who receive childcare vouchers through work and this amount will be deducted from your monthly invoice.

How do I pay my childcare fees?

Childcare fees are due on the 1st of each month and paid 4 weeks in advance, in-line with our terms and conditions. Each Nursery Setting can also accept card payments, on site.

How is my nursery invoice calculated?

Parents/carers are able to access their Nursery Fee Invoices and fee details on Parent Zone.