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This week children at our media city pre school have been learning all about the life cycle of a chicken. Debbie from Eggucation visited the nursery with a very special delivery….. two chickens and an incubator full of eggs how eggciting!!!  Debbie gave us lots of instructions on how to look after the eggs and after what seemed like a loooong three days our children observed the eggs hatching we now have 1…..2…..3….. fluffy chicks.

Shauna our pre school leader said  This has been a wonderful experience for the children. It has brought about some wonderful discussions  as well as introducing new language such as incubator, hatch, soft and fluffy. This then prompted further discussions amongst the children. Freya aged four told her friends “When I was a baby I was in an incubator” How amazing!

We are now looking forward to our last week with the chicks however we will be sad to see them go. Alexandra has named one chick Chocolate but we still need to name the other two,  If you have any ideas please let us know.

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