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Pedagogy of learning webinar – feedback from Kati Osborne Kidzrus Nursery Manager.

This morning I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to take part in the pedagogy of learning webinar with Alice Sharp, Moyra Boland, June O’Sullivan and Anne Paterson. The webinar was extremely interesting and insightful, providing lots of information about the way we as practitioners help the children in our care to learn and reach their full potential. I found the information on the 7 strands of learning especially informative and will be taking this back to the nursery to look at how this is already incorporated in our daily activities and if any areas need adding into our practice.

The information on theories of child development was also remarkably interesting and that taking bits from different theories can help every child develop in their own unique and individual ways. We will be doing a lot more on researching different theories of child development within the nursery, incorporating them into our practice and nursery environment. I particularly enjoyed the information on walking the journey with the children and engaging in their play both as a lead and as a participant to help the children to reach their full potential.

One of the big things that stood out to me was looking for the spark in a child which is something as a nursery that we look for in relation to our in the moment planning. These sparks that children show could help the children in their adult life as if these sparks are nurtured and encouraged this could lead the children into a career in the future.

I cannot wait to take the information I have gained from this webinar back into the nursery, encouraging myself and staff team to reflect on their own practice and the  understanding of pedagogy.  I look forward to joining more webinars in the future with Adventures with Alice.

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